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Becca Lavender Highlighter Review

Hello friends!

Today I’ll be reviewing Becca’s newest Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prismatic Amethyst ($38).


Becca’s highlights are some of my favorites so when they debuted a new one, IN A PINKY PURPLY SHADE, I had to get my hands on it!!

giphy (4)

AHHHHH everything about this is just gorgeous, right?!


I’ve always been a fan of Becca’s highlighters because they will work for you if you’re going for a more subtle glow or if you want to build it up for a more intense look.

At first swatch, I wasn’t OVERLY impressed with the highlighter.


It seemed to have that subtle glow, but I felt like I couldn’t really see the color like you could in the pan.

BUT.. once I applied it to my cheeks I could see it a little better.

I did have to apply it several times to achieve the GLOWING GODDESS status I was looking for.


I thought it came off looking sort of pink on my skin and I ended up loving it!

I think you could totally use this as a blush topper too!

What I like most about it is you can apply a light amount and it will work as an every day highlight, nothing too out there.

OR.. you can apply A LOT and have a glow that really stands out.

What do you think about this highlight??
Let me know!
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4 thoughts on “Becca Lavender Highlighter Review

  1. Beautiful! That’s how it goes with highlighters right! Sometimes, it looks frosty on the arm, but it looks too much on the cheek. Here it’s the opposite! As long as it looks great on the face right! And this looks amazing! xoxo Sarah


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