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Burgundy shadows: Kylie palette vs. ABH

Hello everybody!

For my first review I wanted to compare two palettes I’ve seen a lot of people asking about lately.

So, below I’m comparing the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.


I’ve seen many asking “Which palette is better?”.

Let’s start with the Kylie palette ($42).


Yes, the Kylie palette is smaller.

I do love the color choices in the palette and let’s be honest, when we put on these Kylie shadows we feel like taking a selfie and singing along to one of Tyga’s songs.


In all honesty though, I think a lot of people have been extra critical of Kylie’s makeup line because of her fame and reality-show background.

I’m personally a fan of her makeup. Sure, there are some things that could improve but overall I’ve been impressed with her makeup line.


As many others have said, I wish there was a mirror in this palette.

It’s small size makes it great for travel so not having a mirror is a major con for me.


I do love the shimmer shades in this palette.

They’re super pigmented and look great with or without wetting your brush before applying.

The range of colors, to me, gives a variety of options for different looks.

I love that!!

These shadows are also bigger than the shadows in the ABH palette, being .05 oz each.

The shades blend well, but I’ll give them an A-.

Which leads me to our next little friend..


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance ($42) shadows are top of the line.

I LOVE the way they blend. Even swatching them they’re so creamy!


Obviously, this palette has a lot more shades which means you can use it for just about any occasion.

For example, I use the left four shades for a really simple every day look (throwing a little bit of Vermeer or Primavera onto the the center of the lid) and I used the burgundy colors for my work holiday party.

The possibilities are endless and that’s what I LOVE in a palette!!

BUT.. I wish the shadows were a tad bigger.

Each shadow is .02 oz each.

I’ve used it a bit and show no sign of hitting pan, but I live in fear of the day I run out of Raw Sienna (fav transition shade) or Vermeer and find that the palette isn’t sold anymore.

Okay, just breathe..

BONUS: this palette comes with a brush & mirror!

VERDICT: If you’re going for value, both palettes are the same price. The Kylie shimmer shades are a tad more pigmented but if I could only choose one, I would choose the ABH palette since there are more shadows which allows you to do a lot more looks.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Also, what review would you like for me to do next?

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See you soon!!screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-6-06-43-pm

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